A Forest of
and Discovery

Immerse yourself in your imagination at the Wanderwood Gardens, a winding forest of make-believes and discovery, that takes adventurers of all ages on an enchanting journey in nature.

Features & Attractions

For day-dreamers of all ages.

Snail & Wading Pond

Wandering Waters

An interactive water adventure with a waterfall, spitting animal fountains, a wading stream and a misty fog bank.

Miniature home garden

Dendy Village SM

A magical village where you can visit the homes of the Wanderwood fairies and elves.

Tree House Decks

The Canopy

A whimsical tree playset with climbing structures, slides, and interactive features.

Explore Imagination

The Dubuque
Mine Camp SM

Adventurous visitors can dig for treasure, fill mine carts with sand, or duck into a cool tunnel.

Education Center

Wanderwood Learning Center

A magical building with classrooms, event spaces and an immersive outdoor courtyard.

Interactive Music Garden

Garden of

Add to nature’s songs with interactive stepping chimes, wind chimes, percussion instruments and drums.

Performance Amphitheater


Listen to a story being told by one of the multi-talented garden volunteers or create your own little drama on stage.

Little Ones Garden

The Potting Shed

Climb among molehills, traverse the stepping logs and tiptoe across crazy balance beams.

Trail Challenge Course

The Enchanted Trail

This 100± yard course winds through the woods, in and among the trees with dappled sunlight sparkling through.

Interactive sculptures

Spinning Bird Plaza

Walk through towering trees to operate the interactive birds spinning in dizzying circles overhead.

Nature’s sing-a-long

The Birdsong Sanctuary

Discover interactive bird sound sculptures and engage with the birds while they respond with their own personal song.

Event Meadow

Bloom at the Gardens SM

A colorful meadow used for large events filled with blooming flowers and butterflies.

Coming Soon

A forest of make-believes and discovery.

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The Story of
The Wanderwood Gardens SM

The inspiration for The Wanderwood Gardens stems from Debi and Andy Butler’s granddaughters and their love for flowers and nature. The Butlers dreamt of a place where their family can explore, play, and enjoy the beauty of nature, and thus the idea of The Wanderwood Gardens was born. The Wanderwood Gardens is meant to be a truly magical place for people of all ages to experience the wonders of the natural world, and a place full of joy and imagination for visitors for many years to come.

The Wanderwood Gardens

Inspiring Lives
through Creative
Outdoor Play.SM


Coming 2026