Child playing in the dirt in a forest
Our Mission

Inspiring Lives Through Creative Outdoor Play. SM

What is Wanderwood Gardens?

Get ready to wander – Coming Spring 2026. The Wanderwood Gardens will be a 2.5 acre magical forest of make believes and discovery where adventurers of all ages can explore, play, find joy and inspiration in nature. Wanderwood was founded by its visionaries, Debi and Andy Butler and the Butler Children’s Garden Foundation. It is located in Dubuque, Iowa neighboring the Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens.

Our Vision

Awakening connections to nature by providing access for all – to grow, learn, dream, and play outdoors, developing a life-long positive relationship with the living world.

Trail in a forest

We Believe...

  • People live better, healthier lives when they can play and explore in nature.
  • Access to nature is profoundly important to the brain health and physical well-being of all people.
  • That a love for nature is caught, not taught and when people value their relationship with the environment, they will then treat nature with kindness and respect.

As you enter The Wanderwood Gardens...

W.I.L.D Pledge Wonder. Imagine. Learn. Discover.

The W.I.L.D. Pledge encourages all guests of The Wanderwood Gardens to treat each other, the gardens, and their environment with kindness and respect while embracing all of the gifts of nature.

  • Allow yourself to embrace the Wonder of nature’s beauty.
  • Imagine yourself inspiring magic in the garden surrounding you.
  • Expand your mind to Learn inside of our active nature playground.
  • Discover the endless enchantment of nature and all it has to offer.

As you exit The Wanderwood Gardens and continue to explore...

L.E.A.F Promise Learn. Explore. Absorb. Flourish.

The L.E.A.F. Promise encourages all guests of The Wanderwood Gardens to take the peace they felt in nature with them throughout their daily lives, remembering to treat each other and their environment with kindness and respect.

  • Inspiring ourselves to Learn about the natural world around us.
  • Explore all that nature and our planet have to offer.
  • Allow yourself and others to Absorb the joy that comes from being in nature.
  • Play and let your imagination Flourish.
The Wanderwood Gardens

Inspiring Lives
through Creative
Outdoor Play.SM


Coming 2026